Lettuce turnip the beets with an electro-swing ode to kimchi

Formidable Vegetable Sound System
© Formidable Vegetable Sound System

Even if you don't carrot all about fermented veggies, Formidable Vegetable Sound System will rock your kitchen with their 'glitch-permaculture-ukulele-wonk-swing.'

Right off the bat, I have to disclose that I don't really care that much for kimchi. I do, however, have a thing for songs about food, farming, permaculture, and health, and I've got a bit of a musical bromance growing for Australia's Formidable Vegetable Sound System, as they manage to combine all of those things, and more, into catchy tunes that make you want to dance while you're also feeding your mind.

I first encountered this group back in 2011, through their song "No Such Thing As Waste," and back in January, I shared the group's 'ecological electroswing' celebration of soil here, titled "You Are What You Eat."

The perma-pop band is getting ready to release a new album called "Grow Do It" on September 2nd, but for those who find songs about veggies a-peeling, and who have bean wait a long thyme to start grooving to olive this new consciousness-raisin music, here's a taste of what to expect (along with some kimchi instructions):

These guys are kind of a big dill, so move over, Elvis Parsley, I have a feeling they're gonna kale it!

Find out more, or pre-order the single, at Formidable Vegetable. Also, if you're into using music to educate about permaculture, the group has some of their lyrics and chords available as free downloads.

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