Lettuce Evolve Aquaponic Planter Plans a Buy-One-Give-One-Away Business Model (Video)

lettuce evolve aquaponic planterLettuce Evolve/Video screen capture

From commercial aquaponic farms to DIY backyard aquaponics, there are countless people around the world who believe that aquaponics—or the combination of aquaculture and hydroponics—could be a key component to a more sustainable, resilient food system.

Clearly the folks behind the Lettuce Evolve concept are among those people. In fact, in their IndieGoGo appeal video below, they make the bold claim that their "deployable aquaponic planter" systems (DAPs) have the potential to end world hunger.

While the hyperbolic claim may be a little hard to swallow, these are pretty good looking systems to the untrained eye at least. If the team really can pull off a retail model that offers a buy-one-give-one-away model similar to Tom's Shoes, it would be an impressive feat indeed.

Given that they are asking for $75,000 in their appeal, these are very big "ifs". But there's nothing wrong with aiming high. Given the scale of the problems we face, it's what we all should be doing in one way or another.

Lettuce Evolve Food Systems to End Hunger Worldwide from Lettuce Evolve on Vimeo.

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