Let's Do Lunch All Together on July 19

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Image from the Big Lunch

Mark the date in your calendar--it's the Big Lunch. It's a party on your street, and every street in the country, planned and organised by neighbours, both known and unknown. With the food, entertainment and decorations grown, cooked and made by the folks who live on their street. It's a brilliantly simple way for people to come together, talk to each other and connect with their community.


Image from the Big Lunch

Dreamed up by the creator of The Eden Project, Tim Smit, the theory behind it is very simple: when you know your neighbours and talk to them then local communities can begin to work together to tackle local problems and issues. It is the isolation and fear of the unknown that are at the root of so many social and political problems.

As Tim Smit says " We want to demonstrate that we believe neighbourliness and community are important, that Britain isn't "broken" and that we can, just by scratching the surface, reveal a society that is prepared to embrace sharing and communal action. The preparing and growing of food reinforces the awareness of our connection and dependence on nature. Perhaps most importantly, it also illustrates the benefits and joy of doing things together."

For the nation's biggest street party, the hope is that lots of the food will be home grown, but even if it can't be, cooking and planning an event is a way to bring people together and talking.

The website enables you to find a big lunch in your area, has recipes, information on how to get a street closing and find music for the event. There is also a very sweet book, called "Let's Do Human Warming" with lots of ideas. Join the fun and change the world, one meal at a time: the Big Lunch. : the Big Lunch

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