Let 'em Eat Cake-Good Karma's Carrot Cake IceCream


Here is a classic example of the ‘industrial organic’ food product that Michael Pollan spends many pages coming to grips with in his seminal book, The Omnivore's Dilemma. An ingredients list as long as your arm, yet 90% of it is organic, and dairy free to boot. It promotes a most sustainable form of agriculture compared to, say, the usual antibiotic riddled, factory-farmed milk and genetically modified corn syrup based ice creams. Which is great. But do we need it?

Would an apple grown in our backyard, or neighbourhood community garden, just as easily satisfy our sweet craving? Reducing the complexity of the food we eat improves not only our health, but the health of the soil and the lot of farmers that cultivate it for us. Less is More. Small is Beautiful. Keep it Simple Stupid. Hard lessons for a technological society to learn.

Organic Carrot Cake Ice Cream is probably best seen as a journey, rather than a destination. Hopefully while titillating taste buds, it awakens minds to alternatives, stirs the grey matter. Organic ‘food products’ may be the bridge that spans the chasm between a Twinkie and an apple. It is a void we need to cross. ::Good Karma, via a stumbled upon blog