Less is More: Grilliput Grill Weighs Less than One Pound


As Sean noted earlier today, just because summer is approaching an end doesn't make it the end of grilling season. For tailgating, camping, or grilling anywhere in small spaces, we recommend the Grilliput, a diminutive grill that stands a six inches tall and weighs less than a pound. Perfect for grilling on the go, the whole thing collapses into one of the tubes, adding up to less than 12 inches in length and one inch in diameter; small enough that you can slip it in a backpack or even your pocket when the grilling is done. Of course, we recommend Wicked Good charcoal and encourage you not to forget about the carbon footprint of a burger when you whip this puppy out. It looks like it comes from German descent, but is available from outdoor outlets like REI and Campmor; a picture of what the Grilliput looks like in action is below the fold. ::Grilliput via ::AT:San Francisco


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