Lavazza Tierra! Coffee


The Rainforest Alliance, original pioneer of the concept of certified sustainable coffee, and Italian espresso magnate Lavazza have gotten together to help farmers in remote villages in Colombia, Honduras, and Peru to improve their quality of life along with the coffee they grow. Believing that good farming practices can produce top quality beans, better prices for farmers, sustain rural communities, and help conserve the rainforest all at the same time, the duo is helping to guide coffee producers with farming, training, and capital. Farmers will learn how to protect wildlife habitat, plant trees, combat pests without dangerous pesticides, rebuild houses, replace inefficient old mills with modern machines that use far less water and control pollution, compost organic wastes, implement worker health and safety programs, and plant protective buffer strips along streams. A lot of work for a good cup o’ joe. But luckily for you, all you have to do is buy it and stir in some sugar. Look for Tierra!, the new line of coffees that Lavazza will market in honor of the program, which will be available soon. Via Sustainable Business ::Lavazza Tierra! [by MO]