Last Minute Gift Idea? Try a BPA-Free Tea Maker

teamaker and bottle photo

Image: Takeya

Today was the perfect day to try out my Takeya tea maker: it's snowing out, I'd rather be cozied up in bed with a good book, and I'm pretty close to putting some USB-heated gloves on. So the perfect cup of hot tea seemed like a smart idea, and I was totally right. Takeya makes some pretty neat products: the tea makers are made from acrylic "AcraGlass," which is just about as sturdy as plastic, but doesn't stain or hold odors like so many plastics, or even metal and ceramics, do. Their water bottles are a shatter-proof tempered glass that won't break if dropped from a "reasonable height" because of a silicone coating. Plus they're all free of bisphenol A, the ubiquitous toxic chemical we all know as BPA, and they're dishwasher safe.

The tea maker was great—it's easy and less messy than some looseleaf tea makers are, and maybe it's just the type of tea I used, but also didn't leak any of the tea leaves into the tea. Not something I'm super picky about, but it's nice to not have tidbits of tea leaves sneaking into each sip as I near the end of the cup.

Takeya can hold both hot and cold drinks—the picture above is clearly a cold drink. I used the one below, and I like my tea pretty hot, so the little jacket pictured with it came in pretty handy because it kept it warm for a surprisingly long time.

teamaker with jacket photo

Image: Takeya

As we enter the thick of winter—and cold season!—I definitely suggest considering a Takeya tea maker. It'll make as good a gift for yourself as for anyone else.

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