Last Call for Sunscreen


With Labour Day coming up and the last blast of summer sun, get that sunscreen out and put it on thick. We all know now how necessary it is to keep covered, wear a hat and not stay out too long. And we are aware of all the weird chemicals that are in the suntan lotion itself. But since we can't quite give up that golden look; at least pick some good, safe(!) lotion for those beach days. The Times rated five of the top natural ones and gave the best marks to Aloe Vera ESI Solar, Yaoh organic hemp seed oil (it's vegan), Lavera Sun and Green People sun lotion. Despite all of them claiming to be natural, they do contain some chemicals, along with the organic bits. The next category down included Dr. Hauschka, Weleda, and Aloe Pura.

All of which is quite confusing because last year Ethical Consumer did a rating and put Hauschka and Weleda at the top of its list. However everyone seems to agree that the commercial, big names such as Nivea, Piz Bruin, and Ambre Solaire contain too many chemicals for comfort. :: The Times

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