Lasater Grasslands Beef

While Treehuggers can argue being a carnivore vs being a vegan till the tofu cows come home. But whatever your epicurean bent, seeking out ingredients that don't abuse fertilizers, antibiotics, hormones, or growing conditions makes it a winner. And for the occasional (or habitual) beef eater, this doesn't have to mean going behind old Gia's back. Lasater beef can help keep you on the straight and narrow.Lasater is one of the last great grass-fed cattle ranches in the US. In operation since 1948, and founded by a ranching family with members dating back to the 1880s, Lasater is old school. Their cattle is still grass grazed, in roaming herds moving from pasture to pasture. They use no growth hormone, or antibiotics (other than specifically to treat sick animals). Even the finished beef is dry aged for 14-21 days for maximum tenderness and flavor. Even the ranching style is aware of it's natural connection. To quote the Lasaters:

Our cattle–like the roaming herds of bison once did–harvest grasses, till the soil with their hooves, fertilize the ground (via that most natural of processes) and then are moved to fresh pastures, leaving the grazed plants to fully recover.

And all this hard work pays off. Lasater beef lower in fat and calories, and higher in important vitamins such as beta-carotene and vitamin E, than beef finished on grain. Additionally, grass-fed beef has 2-6 times more of the "good fat", omega-3 fatty acids than its grain fed counterparts.

So, if you're looking to find beef and you want quality, why not spend a little more and do yourself, and the prairie, a favor. Lasater beef is available from their online store
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