Larry's Beans Launches Biodegradable Packaging for Coffee

It's no secret that we like Larry's Beans. We've posted a few videos about the company and even included them in our Valentine's Day Gift Guide. So when we heard the news that the company has launched biodegradable packaging for their already delicious coffee, we started searching our local spots to see where we can find it.

When we first read the headline, we thought "well, it must be made from corn-based" plastic, after all, that's one of the most popular biodegradable kinds of packaging. But according to Larry's Beans, "many folks don't realize that they [corn plastics] need commercial composting facilities to biodegrade - if they are tossed in a landfill or even the home compost heap, they may just as well be your regular plain-old plastic." So what is it then that Larry's Beans uses that makes it so different?
According to their website, Larry's uses regular ole' plastic made from petroleum (and we'll agree with them that this isn't ideal) BUT it "includes an additive that helps micro-organisms to break it down completely into humus, leaving no harmful residues behind." Yes, we admit we were even skeptical about this process, but apparently Larry's has done their research. Their EPA tests that no dangerous chemicals or toxins are left in the soil once the bags decompose.

So tomorrow morning raise your mug o' joe to Larry's Beans. And don't think twice before throwing their coffee bags in your compost along with your usual coffee grounds, because in nine months they'll be nothing but dirt. ::Larry's Beans

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