Label It Yourself: GMO Labeling Goes DIY

Food activist may have lost the Label GMO battle in California this year, but they’re not giving up without a fight. Prop 37’s failure at the polls has spawned a “decentralized, autonomous grassroots campaign” encouraging citizens to take it upon themselves to label GMO foods at local groceries.

Alex Bogusky, the former ad executive turned activist behind the viral Real Bears video, recently tweeted support for the campaign, pointing out that Label It Yourself makes it easy to “sicker bomb the local grocery.”

The Label It Yourself website contains GMO labeling guidelines and a list of ingredients that may contain GMOs to help interested activists know what to label.

Label It Yourself DIY GMO Labels© Label It Yourself

To aid activists, the group has produced printable GMO warning labels featuring a skull with ears of corn growing out of it.

There is also a Label It Yourself tumblr where images of the guerrilla GMO labeling campaign are being submitted.

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Label It Yourself GMO Labeling Oreos© Label It Yourself

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Can you get in trouble by sticking these labels on products at your grocery store?

"I'm pretty sure it's illegal if you do it beyond your own cupboard. That's why I don't suggest anybody do it. Just letting them know it's out there," Mr. Bogusky told Ad Age when asked to respond about the legalities of the campaign.

Labeling the food that the person who does the shopping in your household brings home is a good way to start a conversation about what is in the food you eat without getting arrested or sued by big food.

Label It Yourself: GMO Labeling Goes DIY
Label It Yourself campaign encourages guerrilla GMO labeling in your local grocery store.

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