La Amarilla de Ronda's Organic Olive Oil


La Amarilla de Ronda, LA is a company from Andalucía, Spain, that produces a line of organic extra-virgin olive oil. According to their website, Spain is the largest olive oil producing country in the world, yet Italy has obtained greater exposure through major marketing campaigns. The partners of this company see close similarities between the worlds of oil and wine. Therefore, they have created two different ecological extra virgin olive oils with the aim of "bringing the well established wine culture to the world of oils: Mild and Intense ecological extra virgin olive oils, with different gastronomic uses, as is the case with white and red wine." The team behind La Amarilla de Ronda is world-class and includes Cristino Lobillo (a top olive oil expert), Michel Rolland (respected enologist) and Philippe Starck (the designer who created the hip packaging). So on your next visit to Spain be sure to pick some up because, unfortunately, it isn't sold anywhere else. ::La Amarilla de Ronda, LA