Korbel Makes Its First Champagne with Organically Grown Grapes

Korbel Brut Champagne Made With Organically Grown Grapes Photo
Just in time for the advent of the holiday season and New Years, (well, or really any reason for a celebration) comes the first champagne by Korbel made with organically grown grapes. Just because the grapes have changed, doesn't mean that the taste has changed - You might be used to a typical Korbel Brut Champagne, but this Champange overs the added bonus of organic.While this is not the first champagne on the market made from organic grapes, this is the first by a major label like Korbel to integrate organic. Korbel received their California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) label in 2007, and while they have been using organic grapes in their beverages for years, it's only now that they are officially able to launch their organic champagne. The champagne itself is still made under the traditional method, whereby a second fermentation process occurs in the bottle.

Does mass produced, but organic still mean a bad thing, or do you enjoy that you can now find organic products more easily despite the corporate label? Let us know, and let us know what you think about the champagne.

Korbel was established in 1882 and makes champagne under the methode champenoise champagne. The Korbel Brut Champagne with organic grapes will hit stores in October and retail for $15.99. :Korbel
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