Want to get your kids excited about eating their veggies? Get them tattooed

Tater Tats temporary vegetable tattoos
© Tater Tats

Farmers, foodies, and yes, maybe even veggie-avoiding kids, will get a kick out of wearing these temporary vegetable tattoos

Some people wear their heart on their sleeve, but still others wear their dinner, and with Tater Tats, showing off your love for seasonal healthy eating can be a piece of (locally-baked) cake.

The idea for the Tater Tat temporary tattoos, which feature 16 different vegetables, including the humble potato (hence the name), came during a harvesting session at Groundswell Farm, in a humorous conversation about how handy it would be to have a tattoo to illustrate the proper size to harvest different vegetables. And from that simple seed grew the concept of temporary tattoos vegetables, which could help make veggies and seasonal healthy eating cool, and something worth showing off.

Jenna Weiler told NPR that "Temporary body art could remind people of how beautiful vegetables are, and grouping them seasonally could help communicate what crops grow when," and that the tattoos could be "a fun way to make vegetables cool."

Weiler, an entrepreneur, farmer, and food lover from Michigan, is launching her Tater Tats line via a crowdfunding campaign, where a percentage of the profits will go to support small farms and food initiatives, and a set of vegetable tattoos can be had for a pledge of just $5.

The Tater Tats Kickstarter campaign has already doubled its modest $2000 fundraising goal, and has three days left to run (until March 6, 2015), so there's still time to go grab yourself some temporary ink to proclaim your love of vegetables and healthy seasonal eating.

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