A Kickstarter for Lovers of Cooking and Bikes

illustrated bike by Johanna Kindvall
© Johanna Kindvall

Anna Brones, founder of Foodie Underground and former food editor for EcoSalon.com, is publishing a new book that combines her passions for biking and eating. Called "The Culinary Cyclist: Concocting the Good Life," the vegetarian cookbook is whimsically illustrated by Johanna Kindvall. It also offers advice on shopping by bike and entertaining.

To get the book to press, Brones and Elly Blue Publishing funded the project with Kickstarter. A $12.00 contribution gets you a copy and the project has already reached its goal.

For Brones, cooking can keep us healthy on a personal level and as communities. "It's important to eat in a sustainable manner: to know where your food comes from whenever possible, to shop locally and be conscious of what you are putting in your body," she told TreeHugger.

"But it's also important that your cooking is sustainable in the sense that it's something you can commit to regularly - that eating well becomes a habit, not just the thing you do once a month. 'The Culinary Cyclist' is about exactly that: making good food approachable.
Food relates to just about everything: agriculture, health, economics, community. That's why it's imperative that we think about what we eat, but that we do so in a way that we can maintain a diet that's healthy for us, as well as the environment and community around us, and not just eat a good plate of food every once in awhile. Eating well has to become a routine, something that is simply part of your everyday. This book is about doing exactly that, but also enjoying and honoring the process along the way. You have the opportunity to vote with your fork three times a day, shouldn't you have fun doing it?"

A Kickstarter for Lovers of Cooking and Bikes
The Culinary Cyclist is a new cookbook from Anna Brones.