Kicking Horse Fair Trade Organic Coffee

We were jolted awake this morning by a cup of Kicking Horse Coffee, variety Cliff Hanger Espresso. No need to read cereal boxes with this around- the package kept us busy through breakfast. It's shade grown. "coffee grown under the rain forest canopy gives shelter to flora and fauna...Shade regions support more than 150 species of birds whereas sun grown coffee has about 95% few bird species." It's Fair Trade. "When you buy Fair Trade coffee you are participating in a social and economic movement...ensuring that the farmer recieves a fair price for thier coffee." It's organic. "Certified by the Canadian Organic Certification pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers which are harmful to both the producer and the environment" (don't forget about us, the drinker!) Our morning hit was never so virtuous. Or tasty. ::Kicking Horse Coffee