KFC Double Down Gets Past Border Security and Food Police, Comes To Canada

double down sandwich flyer canada photo

The commenters in our posts following the trial and introduction of the Double Down pointed out that a) it's a free country and b) at 550 calories there are a lot worse things out there. (The Washington Post claimed "it's almost health food") Now it is coming to Canada, somehow getting past the diligent Canadian Border Security and Health Canada, which is trying to reduce salt content in our diets.

But what really annoys me in this flyer that came to our door is the message, the challenge.


Click on image to enlarge. Surprisingly, the "Classic Sandwich" has almost twice as many calories. pdf here

The real question I have is, why are they marketing the thing as a competitive challenge, daring us to "take it down"? Is this what eating is about, being man enough to eat this much in one sitting? No wonder we have an obesity crisis.

If KFC Canada wants to deliver a over day's ration of salt and half a day's recommended fat intake in one "quick and dirty Cordon Bleu" that's fine. But the marketing steps over the line; food is not a spectator sport.

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