Kenya Looks to Organics and Ethanol for Security


World Environment Day is June 5, and in Nairobi they'll be celebrating with Kenya National Organic Week (KNOW). The show kicks off with the country's first ever organic farmers market, an environmental technology exhibition and live music concerts. "You can guarantee that the food you eat is free of dangerous chemicals, pollutes no soil or water source, and contributes to a stronger, more self-sufficient local economy," says Eustace Kiarii, Coordinator, Kenya Organic Agriculture Network, who further believes, "Organic farming can boost national food security." The event will showcase Kenyan pioneers growing organic food, generating and saving energy, harvesting and purifying water, and turning waste into commodity. In related news, the country is considering the use of molasses, as derived from sugarcane, as the feedstock for ethanol to wean themselves off the "runaway petroleum crisis." 350 metric tones of molasses will apparently produce 55,000 litres of ethanol. Encouraged by the work in Brazil, Kenya may find that ethanol production could also save a local sugar industry, that is facing stiff competition from more efficient producers like the EU. Both Organics, and Ethanol stories via ::The Daily Nation.