Katie Couric, Eric Schlosser, and David Kessler Discuss the Food System

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Recently, Katie Couric sat down with Eric Schlosser, author of Fast Food Nation, and former FDA Commissioner David Kessler to discuss the state of the food system in the United States. As Grist reports, much of the conversation revolved—for better or worse—around obesity.As Grist writes:

While the expansion of the American waistline is a material fact, emphasizing it, obsessing over it, repeating it endlessly, I fear, reinforces our national obsession with skinniness, unintentionally stigmatizes the very people who have been failed by the food system, and opens space for the food industry to respond with new products speciously marketed as weight-loss panaceas.

Fortunately other topics, from the use of antibiotics on livestock to GM foods, came up as well.

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