Kathryn Kennedy Winery


Believing that sustainable viticulture is a holistic endeavor, and not just a little alternative fuel here or reduced pesticides there, Kathryn Kennedy Winery strives to incorporate sustainability from start to finish. Located in Saratoga, California, the winery believe that sustainable practices are not only better for the people and planet, but for the grapes and wine; as such, they have worked hard to avoid pesticides and weed killer, choosing to control weeds by hand instead. Recognizing that soil health is paramount to producing good wine, the Kennedy winery not only keeps nasty toxics out of it, but, through practices like using cover crops and composting, are actively working to improve the soil. The winery also uses integrated pest management practices, employing beneficial insects, predatory mites and raptors instead of pesticides. For transportation around the vineyards, electric golf carts are used for small jobs, and 100% biodiesel-powered tractors and trucks for the big ones. They're a good example of a company that, despite the increased costs and labor involved, do good by the planet because it's simply the right thing to do. ::Kathryn Kennedy Winery via ::AutoblogGreen