Just What We Needed Dept: Disney Branded Eggs.

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Sometimes I think that the world is becoming more sane, that people are beginning to understand where food comes from, and that marketing to children is becoming a little less respectable. Then I see Disney branded eggs and wonder what is going on here.

Are they any different? Are they from happy cage free hens that get to play outside and frolic with the other farm animals?

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No, it appears that the only difference is that the eggs are stamped with your favourite Disney character. Do kids ever see the eggshells?

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In the TV commercial they do show mom making fried eggs in some kind of mickey mold, but no word if that is included with the eggs. But what is the point? Does it sell eggs? Or is it just Disney corporatizing something that used to be branded by the farm, that even in the biggest supermarkets was still a relatively local product?

A simple, healthy relatively natural product, now branded. Is nothing sacred?

From Jezebel via Gawker.

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