Just Tomatoes, etc.

Featured on Food Network not too long ago, this company doesn't fool around with Mother Nature. Their products are simply, "just" the products. It started about 15 years ago with tomatoes as the first and only product and it's now expanded. The vine or tree ripened vegetables and fruits are handpicked at peak condition, washed, cut and then placed in specifically designed dehydrators and dried at low temperatures to preserve color, flavor and nutrients. Unlike other dried products, Just Tomatoes, etc. has no salt, no sulfur, no fat, no sweeteners and no preservatives. It's like eating out of your own garden. These products are great for camping too and also check out the "Just Fruit Munchies" for yummy snacks along the trail or at work. Certified organics were recently added to the selections and you can throw these in your briefcase or keep them in the pantry to use in your favorite recipes. We especially like the Organic Just Cherries — great on cereal and in yogurt! ::Just Tomatoes [by KD]