‘Just Label It’ Campaign Asks the FDA for GMO Labeling

We have a right to know what’s in our foods. GMO foods are labeled all over Europe, China, and Japan but not in the U.S. Each year it seems that another country is added to the list of GMO labelers, but some how we lag behind, even though in the U.S. more than 9 out of 10 soybean seeds are GMO. It's the same for cotton and just a little lower for corn. Some 60 to 70 percent of processed foods found in grocery stores contain GMO ingredients, which is much higher than in other countries.

How can we be expected to provide good, healthy foods for our family without knowing what we’re eating? The Just Label It campaign is petitioning the FDA to accurately label GMO containing foods. The Environmental Working Group and 550,000 supporters have already signed a petition asking the FDA to begin labeling our foods, and most recently, Food, Inc. director Robert Kenner joined with EWG to make this Just Label It video.

Watch the Video

“While the jury is still out on this, I have the right to know what I’m feeding my family,” says Robyn O’Brien, author of The Unhealthy Truth.

EWG has a goal of 65,000 petition signers and they’re almost there. It’s bad enough that the federal government is allowing GMOS to take over our food system, but the idea that we’re likely eating them without even knowing it is unacceptable. Sign the petition here.

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‘Just Label It’ Campaign Asks the FDA for GMO Labeling
Just label it campaign works to get national gmo labeling.

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