Judging Java on CoffeeReview.com

greek_cup.jpgSo, you wanna buy Fair Trade coffee, but there's just something about those sealed bags of beans that makes you seriously wary of what's inside. Packaging on eco-friendly products can be a touch too colorful, kinda papier-mache crunchy and seem to me to be I dunno unprofessional. The fear: That these well-meaning...... coffee companies are valuing social issues over coffee quality.

Coffeereview.com got hip to the issue and has come out with a 1 to 100 rating system for Fair Trade certified coffees similar to those well-known wine scales, each complete with a couple of graphs of classic wine-like descriptors: "a dense and chewy coffee with an elegant, silky velvet finish" with "tobacco-notes" and "musty earthiness". Somehow, it works. [by Tamara Holt]

Ed Note: Shameless plug: The Greek cups are now being made in ceramic and you can find out where to buy them at ::WeAreHappyToServeYou.com $10-12...make great gifts.

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