John Masters Organic Haircare

We know some of you had some words about Aveda products so when tipster Danielle A. said she was in love (seriously!) with John Masters, we thought we’d investigate. Using non-toxic bases, Masters develops his own line of haircare blends from essential oils, plant extracts as well as organic cider vinegar. He spends time with chemists and herbalists to develop his products, which also include skincare and doggie wash. Masters’ salon (located in New York City) uses 100% all-natural products and cucumber slices for the eyes and a shiatsu scalp massage is complimentary with each hair wash. Talk about organic pampering! No wonder celebs like Sarah Jessica and Anne Heche are regulars. One thing we have to point out though is the fact that he imports most of his dyes from Italy. Not very TreeHugger if you ask us, however, Masters says the ammonia-free, clay-based dyes are not distributed in the United States. We’ll stick to the Bourbon Vanilla & Tangerine Hair Texturizer. Thanks Danielle! ::John Masters Organics