Jivita: Aromatheraputic Water, Biodegradable Bottles

Among the many wonders to be seen at this year’s Green Fest in San Francisco was the recently launched Jivita line of bottled waters. Promoted as the first product to combine bottled water with aromatherapy, Jivita waters are infused with hydrosols: extracts from flowers, resins, and bark. Falling into a new category of bottled waters with the likes of Biota, Jivita extends its commitment to sustainable practices by using biodegradable PLA bottles. Jivita's specially made bottles from NatureWorks are made from a renewable biopolymer material derived from corn and claim to use over 60% less fossil fuel than their conventional plastic counterparts.
Jivita will be available initially in the San Francisco area at Bi-Rite, Fresh Organics, Other Avenue’s, and Rainbow Grocery. Co-owners Tia Christensen and Mary Ellen Smith plan wider distribution soon. :: Jivita