Jargon Watch: Invasivores

canada geese invasive species

Please, people, start eating those Canada Geese! Image credit Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife

Two years ago, Sami asked Are Invasive Species Ethical Food?
In The Way We Eat- Why Our Food Choices Matter, Peter Singer thought it was OK to dumpster dive for meat, since it was already dead and would otherwise be wasted. Does the same apply for invasive species, which are causing so much damage to the environment? Some think so, and even have a term for it: Invasivorism.


Lionfish, Ryan Somma on Flickr

Renest points to a New York Times article by James Gorman, that discusses the concept; how lionfish are becoming a tasty entree; How some are trying to rebrand Asian Carp as Kentucky Tuna, (it is, after all, a delicacy in China; read Illinois Spending $2M to Ship Asian Carp Back to China)

The mantra of the movement appears to come from California blogger Rachel Kesel:

Eat for the environment. Eat locally. Eat wild meat. Eat for habitat. Eat invasive.

Andy Revkin is turning into an Invasivore; providing a link to a cookbook for invasive weeds.
Andy claims to be planning to build an online "edible invaders" cookbook; Please, please make sure that it has recipes for Canada Geese, which foul every park on our waterfront. And Asian Carp. Steamed Zebra Mussels?

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