Japanese Subway Restaurant Grows Own Hydroponic Lettuce In Store (Video)

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Image via video screengrab

There's a new draw for Japanese commuters looking for a fast meal in the form of a sandwich. The Subway Japan store in the Marunouchi Building, across the street from the always-busy Tokyo Station, has a new enclosed hydroponic garden for growing lettuce. Grown without any agrochemicals, the organic lettuce is the freshest ingredient the store can possibly offer, living out the "Eat Fresh" tag line from the chain.
Gizmodo notes the minuscule amount of lettuce the "farm" produces. It can only provide enough for about 5% of the sandwiches made at the store, and costs about twice as much as the trucked-in lettuce, according to InventorSpot.

Clearly, it's not a terribly practical move for providing all locally grown ingredients. More than anything, it is a small experiment and statement to show that sustainable, fresh food can be created just about anywhere...even if it's in micro-amounts. And sitting around watching lettuce grow can actually make a Subway a slightly more appetizing place to eat.

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Other similar ultra-fresh vegetable options are being explored through Subway Yasai Lab, so maybe soon alongside the lettuce, we'll see hydroponic tomatoes and cucumbers?

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