Japanese company redefines Fast Food with the Shrimp Cannon

shrimp cannon
Screen capture via Core77

TreeHugger has never been a fan of fast food, and complains often about the shrimp industry. However I do not have a long attention span and hate queueing up for anything, so I can certainly appreciate the thinking behind the Tempura Shrimp Cannon. It fires shrimp through successive clouds of flour, eggs, breadcrumbs and flames, before it bounces off the target and on to the plate. Yum.

So what if these insects of the sea are embalmed in formaldehyde and are destroying the mangroves; Clearly there is pent-up demand for hyperlooped shrimp, given that almost 11 million people have viewed this since it was posted on Youtube barely two weeks ago. It's the same attitude as so eloquently expressed by Homer Simpson's response to a device that can flash-fry a buffalo in 40 seconds: "forty seconds? I want it now!"

Notwithstanding our fascination with these dramatic new technologies, we continue to preach slow food, and don't eat shrimp. Thanks to Core77.

Japanese company redefines Fast Food with the Shrimp Cannon
The hyperloop comes to the kitchen in this very un-TreeHugger concept.

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