Jamie Kennedy picks Organic Wines


Jamie Kennedy runs one of the coolest and best restaurants in Toronto- a stunning wine bar where he cooks little treats from organic and local food. in this month's Greenliving magazine, he picks four top organic wines. None are local- "Organic grapegrowers are artisans who do not own large factory farms." His choices:Barbera del Moferrato Minola 2001, Nuova Cappelleta, Piedmont, Italy;
Nativa Cabernet Sauvignon 2001, Vena Carmen, Maipo, Chile;
Albet i Noyal Xarello Classic 2004, Penedes, Spain;
Soave Borgoletto 2003, Fasoli Gino, Veneto, Italy

bottoms up!

::Jamie Kennedy via ::Greenliving by [LA]