Jamie Kennedy on Cooking Local Food in April


Jamie Kennedy is a TreeHugger icon, sort of Canada's Alice Waters, promoting healthy, local food while running some of Toronto's best restaurants. But unlike Alice, Jamie has a short growing season and a far more limited palette of ingredients to work with, particularly at this time of year. I tried to talk to him at the Brewers Plate last week, but he was too busy; he couldn't avoid me at the Green Living Show.

I asked him how we cope in a country with a long winter.

We have to look back in time, a hundred years lets say, and gaining inspiration from what was going on in communities at that time, how people coped with harsh winters at the community level. Because of course at that time there was not worldwide transport, importation of foods from around the world.

To gain inspiration and help foster the local food movement, for it is a means to rediscover a local food culture based on what nature gives us, and build up a repertoire of cuisine which is seasonal.


Jamie Kennedy's canning and preserves in Donald Chongs kitchen at the Interior Design Show, I think the most beautiful kitchen I have ever seen.

We then talk about canning and preserving, and his new farm and winery in Prince Edward County.

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