Jade Harmony Yoga Mat: Tried, Tested and Eco-True


Me, having fun in Bakasana (Skt. Crane pose) on my new Jade mat!

I knew I must've been a good green girl this past year when Santa snuck a Jade Yoga Mat under the tree (thanks, Grandma!).

I had a long, loving relationship with my generic blue mat despite it's putrid PVC-smell. (Hey, did I just come up with a metaphor for some romantic relationships?) I couldn't justify ditching it curbside. But when my mat started to show the tried and true signs of a hatha yogini (i.e., pilled imprints of my hands and feet from launching myself into hand stand and other compromising poses time and time again, leaving an incriminating trail of mess post-class), I felt OK asking for a new one so long it was a PVC-free Harmony Professional Jade yoga mat in a smashing Tibetan Orange color.

Here's my review.All in all, it rocks. It has a soft, supple feeling underfoot and its cushiness provides an adequate amount of buffer should you take a roll out of a freestanding inversion. The color is standout-helping boost your practice with some uplifting eye-candy.

A Yoga Mat That's U.S.-Made, Sustainable and Slip-Free

And the most important test-passer in my book--the slip factor. I've often sampled my fellow yogin's eco-friendly yoga mats but found they lacked all signs of grip. Jade Harmony takes slip-free to a whole new level--quite possibly an extreme. It's so sticky that my transition from the Four-Pointed Staff into Upward-Facing Dog went out the window. I literally found myself stuck, somewhere in between the two poses. It wasn't just my limbs getting stuck to the mat, too--so were my shed hairs, miscellaneous lint and other various floor particles. Could my yoga mat pull double duty as a fly catcher, I thought. I once actually found myself distracted in Downward Dog and started to handpick stuff off. (Admittedly, this could have very well been more of a reflection of my scatted mental state.)

Similarly, I had to ditch my cloth yoga bag as the stick prevented its slipping inside without a production post-class.

Dear readers, I'm not exaggerating.

PVC-Free Purvottanasanas (Skt. Eastern Boat Poses)

But nor am I exaggerating when I say, it's worth it. The minor complaints I have about the over-zealous mat stick, I know it's likely a result of the mat's natural rubber material and it's lack of chemical additives. I'll take a little lint if it means a healthy, I'm-not-scared-to-inhale personal yoga zone.

I've found a little masking tape to help clean up the mat every now and again works wonders and my sticky transitions into poses has gotten easier due to just a little getting used to.

Jade will definitely be on my wholesale list when it comes to fleshing out my yoga studio's eco-friendly retail space.

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Jade Harmony Yoga Mat: Tried, Tested and Eco-True
I knew I must've been a good green girl this past year when Santa snuck a Jade Yoga Mat under the tree (thanks, Grandma!).