Jack in the Box's Bacon Shake is Vegetarian...Not Healthy

This newest fast food frenzy froths with so many problems, it's enough to make me fully vegan. A list is in order:

  • According to Jack in the Box, it's vegetarian-- if you don't mind taking your synthetic swine taste via flavored syrup mixed with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and maraschino cherries. Shouldn't a milkshake be vegetarian anyway?
  • At more than 1,000 calories for a large shake, a low-activity person could only take in an extra 500-700 calories that day to maintain a weight that wouldn't increase their odds of becoming overweight or obese.

  • Let's check out the nutritional value: 184mg of cholesterol, 461mg of sodium, and 108 grams of sugar. (Here's the truth about sugar, and this shake happens to have mounds of it.)

  • An E. coli-tainted ground beef outbreak at Jack in the Box restaurants left four children dead. Still want that shake?

  • Dairy bombs like this one also rank right up there with meat consumption with producing greenhouse gas emissions. Let alone, low-dairy and no-dairy diets are showing to improve health. Dairy has been linked to high cholesterol and some studies suggest an increased risk of some cancers from eating three or more servings a day of dairy, especially prostate cancer in men.

Beyond Bacon Shakes

I know, I couldn't have ended my bacon shake rant on more of a Debby downer note, so I leave you with this glass half creamy and full. Shakes can be healthy and delicious. If in a jam at Jack in the Box, you're better off with their regular-sized Strawberry Banana Smoothie. The calories clock in at just under 300 and the sugar is a fraction of the meat lover's edition. Better yet, make your own shake or smoothie to sate your sweet tooth, naturally. Here are three recipes to help:

Pumpkin Spice Smoothie
Emeril's Almond Milk Shake
Ani Phyo's Superfood Shake

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