Izze Sparkling Juice

Good people make good soda. Izze people are good people. I love their soda.  (Okay their sparkling juice.) And I love their commitment to the community, global education, literacy, the arts, and the environment oh and to Treehugger.  They were good enough to donate cases and cases of their sweet nectar for the Treehugger official launch party last week.

It started like this: I was drinking a bottle of their blueberry soda and thought, "Hey, this tastes awfully like blueberries.  It's all-natural. Good. All juice.  Excellent. These folks must be doing something right".  I went to their website and was pretty amazed at what this cool little company was doing.

Let me say right now that they are not sourcing Organic fruit juices. But that doesn't mean that they don't care. Look, it's a small company, just about two years old. It wants to grow.  We want them to grow. They wouldn't survive if they had to pay the premium for organic ingredients.  It's a future goal for them, but in the meantime, they are doing what they can.

Here's what they are doing right. Izze has a serious commitment to the people who grow their fruit. They don't source from the lowest-priced supplier.  Instead, they go for quality and create relationships with the communities that grow the fruit that makes the juice that they sparkle up with soda. This year, they partnered with The Global Education Fund and started Project Reach, a program that brings educational opportunities to the communities that grow their fruit. And they donate product, cash, and staff to eco-orgs like The Natural Resources defense Council, and the Artivist Film Festival

They've also got their Izze Q awards keeping them honest. Izze donates cash dollars and a printed promo on their 4-pack cartons to not-for-profits that inspire them. This year, the winners included Sustainable Resources, Literacyworks, and my buddies, farmers Bob, Bobby, and Lee Jones out in Ohio and their Veggie U.   Â

I like to think of all of this good work as a different sort of sustainability that keeps them karma-positive until they can afford to go Organic.

Best part: The drinks. They are wicked-good, and we found, a perfect match for Rain Organic Vodka. And they come in cool flavors like, blueberry, blackberry, clementine, grapefruit, lemon and pear. Yum.

Thanks again Izze. For all you are doing. You rock. [by Tamara Holt]