It's Potato Day in England

Oh, to live in England where they celebrate Potato Day. At Ryton Organic Gardens in Warwickshire, visitors get to purchase from a selection of 80 different varieties of potatoes spanning 150 years of history, right back to Pink Fir Apples dating from 1850. Says Alan Wilson of Watrose: "Come and see the ancient Fortyfold to the silky smooth Maris Piper. And who is Felside Hero? The best eating potato of all?" Also attending is a character dressed as Sir Walter Raleigh will also give a "Potted History of Potatoes". He will explain that - although he often gets the credit for "discovering" potatoes and bringing them back to British shores - their real history is much richer and dates back to Peru 6,000 years ago. We are amazed that so many varieties are still available- how much more interesting than our supermarket monoculture diet. January 29th and 29th ::Garden Organic thanks, tipster Bonnie!