Is Your "Steak" Stuck Together with Meat Glue?

via internet food health

OK, this is just plain nasty. Rachel posted over at Planet Green before about the use of meat glue to stick together off-cuts of meat and fish and pass them off as steak. Now the Australian TV show Today Tonight has an expose of how meat glue is used throughout the food industry, and showing just how hard it is for the consumer to detect. Banned in the EU, thrombian, or transglutaminase (TG) (aka "meat glue") is a concern not just because producers are misrepresenting what they are selling (a "steak" may be an amalgamation of meat from a whole bunch of animals), but because there are serious health risks associated with consuming mixed meats if they are prepared rare.

If vegans can be upset that a photo is not vegan, it sure as heck makes sense for meat eaters to cry foul when a steak is not a steak.

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