Is Your New Phone (Apple iPhone, Perhaps) Cancer Causing, Too?

My cell phone makes me feel funny. Does yours?

I couldn't tell if it was my better body awareness from yoga or my generally strong cell phone neurosis (long live the bees!). Every time I held my phone up to my ear, I felt a vibratory drum-like sensation as though something external and vampire-ish was sucking life out of me. Dash in a little of my hypochondria and you can imagine the visions of brain tumors, breast cancer and salivary gland cancer dancing in my head.

The situation called for a cry out to the Environmental Working Group (EWG). The non-profit issued a recent update to their Cell Phone Radiation Guide released last September that now includes new, popular 2010 phone models. I decided to brace myself for better or for worse to find out where my model stood. Find out where mine--and yours--ranks on the list. Surprise, surprise. My LG Rumor gets four out of five bars on EWG's ranking tool--meaning the radiation level is one bar shy from being the WORST when it comes to radiation emissions. Awesome. Apple iPhone's ranking ain't so pretty either.

Smart Phones with a Side of Cell Phone Radiation

Motorola's Droid
Blackberry Bold 9700
LG Chocolate Touch
HTC Nexus One by Google

To sprinkle in some much-needed good news--there are some new phones gracing the least bad-for-you list:

Motorola Brute i680
Samsung Mythic
Pantech Impact

The Environmental Working Group Makes Healthy Phone Finding Easy

Until I figure out whether I want to turn in my phone to my carrier for a safer model, I'll continue avoiding mine like the plague--using it on only necessary occasions. Call me a granny; I get excited at every opportunity to use a phone. Like, the regular landline variety.

EWG, the all-star that they are, offers other tips to help keep radiation exposure to a minimum. Follow my lead by clicking over to their website for all of the incredibly helpful consumer lists, tips and educational details.

:: EWG's Cell Phone Radiation Guide
via Mother Nature Network
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