Internet proves the perils of messing with mac & cheese

macaroni and cheese
CC BY 2.0 Vancouver Bites!

Mac & cheese devotees have taken an online “low calorie" recipe to hilarious task.

The moral of the story here is: Don’t touch caloric mac n’ cheese. I mean, sure, add hot sauce or potato chips or bacon or chili to the classic. Put it in a grilled cheese sandwich, deep fry it, put it on pizza. But do not, under any circumstances, call a dish made of coconut oil, almond flour, avocado, goat cheese, lime, garlic, chili flakes, basil, skim milk, and salt – on whole wheat pasta, no less – "macaroni and cheese." Exhibit A:

Over the weekend, while there were so many things to be genuinely upset about, it appears that the final straw was green mac n’ cheese. When @TheFitFood tweeted the video above from PopSugar instructing on the fine art of making something that looks undeniably un-mac-n’-cheese, this happened:

And it goes on and on; there are expletives, there are many GIFS of horror, head shaking and finger wagging. It likely didn't go as @TheFitFood planned – much to the delight of anyone in need of some distracting humor.

Now to be fair, I’ve made a lot of avocado-based pasta sauces. Avocado is the plant world’s gift to people avoiding animal fat and is a master of buttery disguise. It can do wonders in every weird application from smoothies to chocolate mousse to cheesecake to yes, pasta sauce. Just don’t call noodles drenched in avocado "macaroni and cheese." Next time, maybe try mockaroni and cheese? (Although that might bring equal disdain!) Maybe just pasta with avocado sauce will do.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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