Interactive Map Tracks Factory Farm Investigations maps where factory farming investigations unveil conditions on farms image

Image: AnimalVisuals

Tipster Mark points us to a new project by Animal Visuals, mapping the locations of factory farming investigations. The interactive map helps interested consumers track where undercover investigations have exposed inferior practices in animal husbandry. In the face of laws making such investigations illegal, Animal Visuals hopes to make a point. According to Mark, "This project is meant to demonstrate that there is a pattern of animal abuse throughout animal agriculture, and to draw attention to the pending "Ag-Gag" anti-photography bills currently pending in Iowa and New York."

We agree that lobbying for laws preventing employees from exposing illegal practices cannot help the industry clean up its image. How about cleaning up farming practices so that the photos of undercover investigations resemble the happy pigs and cows smiling at us from the trucks that deliver animal products to market?

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