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Instant Edible Gardens by Mail
Everybody loves homegrown produce. But while the First Family might find time to plant a vegetable garden at the White House, those of us with more pressing responsibilities than merely running a country often find it hard to find time to grow our own. Or we're intimidated by the sometimes finicky process of starting seeds, transplanting them etc. That's where UK-based Rocket Gardens can help. The company is offering instant vegetable, salad and herb gardens for those of us with the will, but not necessarily the time, skills or courage to start from scratch.
The company offers various packages, from winter and summer vegetable gardens, salad gardens, to herb gardens, to patio and container gardens. All in a variety of sizes. The company also offers free sample planting guides - helping novices figure out just how much space they really have to grow. Would-be growers order in advance, and receive an email shortly before shipping so they know to free up some time for planting. All plants are grown organically and without artificial heat.

Obviously this service has more impact than starting your own from seed. But it's a great way to get people growing successfully - rather than starting some seedlings on the windowsill, and then giving up in despair when the pathetic specimens mysteriously keel over and die two weeks later. (Admit it - we've all been there!) Rocket Gardens are so convinced they can get folks hooked on gardening, they've been branching out into school gardens too with massive success:

We launched our schools campaign ‘Dig For The Future’ in early 2007. It started out as a nice idea to give away some of our gardens to schools who were interested in teaching children how to grow organic vegetables.
We weren’t quite prepared for over 4000 schools to request one of our gardens within just a few months.

Last year we had to limit the number of gardens (as we didn’t anticipate such a massive response) but we did manage to put over 400 gardens into schools across the country with tremendous results. So for 2009 we’ve decided to expand the project so that we can offer schools throughout the UK an opportunity to create their very own organic kitchen garden within their school grounds.

This years school Rocket Gardens will include a great selection of baby organic plants which have be selected so that they can be planted in spring and picked and eaten before children break up for their summer holidays. We will also provide natural worm cast fertiliser to feed the plants throughout the growing season.

Rocket Gardens are available from the company's own website, or through eco-minded online retailers like Natural Collection. Don't forget to check out Planet Green's guide to greening your garden for more sustainable green-fingered advice.

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