Inspired Trail Mix Recipe

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Deciding to share this trail mix seemed absurd. Make it required all but 4 ingredients, and an assembly that took a whopping minute to prepare. For weeks I had made mental notes to craft my own, organically, dissatisfied by all the pre-packaged varieties where I end up picking around all the less exciting bits and pieces. I thought, no wonder trail mix gets its crunchy-granola reputation. Few fireworks set off when fishing around a sea of bland-ish sunflower seeds (which I love in good proportion) or when my "healthy" snack choice goes down the tube with a slew of sneakily added sugars or sulfur-dioxide (a questionable preservative).

That's where making it to your liking can make trail mix munching not only crave-worthy but a wonderful source of protein, omega-3's, fiber, stress-managing B-vitamins, and youth-promoting anti-oxidants. If I had more time, I would have gotten fancy with a fruit dehydrator, adding in dried organic apple or pear pieces, but what I was left with hit the spot and leaves me loads more time to practice yoga. Score!

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Using my eye, I mixed into a reusable container my preferred ratio of:
-Raw, organic almonds
-Organic roasted, salted peanuts
-Organic Thompson raisins
-Fair trade, organic dark cacao chips (I used Sunspire brand.)

All of these items -- plus other treats you might wish to add like coconut flakes, currants, sesame sticks, etc. -- were found in the bulk aisle of my local health food store.

My simple version is sweet, salty and a perfect solution to the processed bars that were becoming a post-yoga practice staple. Throwing in a couple of handfuls to stove top oatmeal also makes the otherwise heart-healthy breakfast taste like dessert with an added protein punch.

Have your own favorite homemade trail mix? Please share!

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Inspired Trail Mix Recipe
How to make trail mix less crunchy-granola and more crave-worthy. Hint: dark chocolate chips!

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