Innovation on a Family Farm: Animals Replace Fossil-Fuels (Video)

chaffin family orchard explores traditional farming photo

Image credit: Chaffin Family Orchards

While I can see the appeal of vegan organic agriculture, I am a firm believer that integrating animals into a mixed sustainable food production system can be an efficient way to farm. One family farm in Sacramento Valley, California has been pioneering integrated farming systems for over one hundred years—using animals for everything from pest control to fertilizer to controlling weeds. Now the folks at Peak Moment have paid them a visit to see how they do it. Peak Moment, the people who recently brought us a video on simple living as an alternative to the American dream, took a tour of Chaffin Family Orchards, a five generation family farm that has been producing fruit, olives, meat and eggs since the early 1900s. From the ubiquitous chicken tractor to goats foraging low branches in the olive orchard, this is clearly a farm that understand the importance of connecting the dots.

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