Innocent Smoothie Recipe Book — Get Juicing Your Own Fruit.


Oh yes we love our Innocent Smoothies, but sadly so far they are only available to buy in the UK, France and The Netherlands, which means lots of folk miss out on their scrumptiously pure fruit juices. Luckily for us those kind people at Fruit Towers are not too secretive about their recipes, in fact they regularly publish them on their website and this Monday a new Innocent Smoothie Recipe Book will be in the shops. Do it yourself juicing – nows there’s a great concept! You only gotta buy the fruit and get mixing. Oh and maybe the small detail of a juicer, but still we reckon in the end it will save you money and a few plastic bottles! The New Book with the concise title of: Innocent Smoothie Recipe Book: 57 and a Half Great Smoothie Recipes from the Innocent Kitchen: Book 2, is printed on 100% recyled paper. Thanks Innocent.