In Praise of Olive Oil

There is something about olive oil--it tastes so good and is so healthy. You can just feel that hot Mediterranean sun baking those ancient trees all summer long. From northern Israel comes Peace Oil, produced by a collaboration of Arabs, Jews, Bedouins and Druze working together. In a small town south of Rome Italy, prisoners are taught to cultivate organic fruit and vegetables, fresh juices, jams and tomatoes as well as olive oil. The idea was to give them a useful skill to take with them when they get out of prison. It's called Fuggiasco Novello ( the running man),if you see it in a local deli. Or you can adopt your own Italian tree and receive a year of produce from it. Nudo has 881 trees and eight groves. With names like Gruffina, Immacolata, and Piano Piano, you can pick your grove, see pictures of it and read about the kinds of trees and the taste of the oils grown in it. Then there is Peligoni Organic Olive Oil from the island of Zakynthos, in Greece, where the farmers still hand-pick the Koroneiki olives from trees that are up to a thousand years old. They’re then hydraulically stone-milled and pressed within 3-5 days. Set up by British visitors to the island, now they export it to England. And from Spain: Nunez de Prado is organic extra virgin olive oil from Andalusia, near Cordoba. This handcrafted organic olive oil is presented in individually numbered bottles, and made by the same family since 1795. Now that's history.