In Praise of Lemons

"Lemon tree, very pretty and the lemon flower is sweet, but the fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to eat..." Now there is an old folk song which under-estimates the virtues of this beautiful fruit. Most are grown in California, so they aren't local for all treehuggers, but the many uses of this humble fruit are worth noting. From fighting colds to cleaning your feet, the lemon is versatile and environmentally friendly. Here we go with some handy tips.

Highlight your hair--it's better for you and the environment than using commercial bleaches. Clean your feet--by mixing lemon pulp and brown sugar. Gargle with the juice to get rid of bad breath. To fight off a cold--mix it with honey and water for an extra dose of vitamin C. Put it on a bee sting to lessen the pain. Put half a lemon in the dishwasher to make it smell fresher and cut grease. Remove scale from taps by rubbing it over stainless steel drainboards and taps. And despite the song's warning--make homemade lemonade; a delicious summer drink without any chemical additives. :: ecostreet Via :: Hippyshopper

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