If You Want Social Networking for Tap Water Drinkers, JoinThePipe

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Let me first say "Happy Mother's Day" to all the mothers out there. Then let me share something that seems fitting for this Mother's Day: a cause my daughter turned me onto, a cause which every mother can support. Yes, it is clean water for those who need it. Again.

But JoinThePipe has done it with a clever twist. They have invented social networking for tap water drinkers, including a JoinThePipe reusable water bottle that users can link with friends, to make the "longest pipe in the world." The pipe bottles and carafes symbolize bringing clean water to any area where people are suffering and dying for that which other parts of the world have in excess. A video and image of the longest pipe and more details on how JoinThePipe grows the pipeline can be found in the extended. The aspirations and imaginative schemes will astound even the most cynical H2No-ers.

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Image: JoinThePipe

The Amsterdam-based organization has not yet gone live with the Jointhepipe.org website, so visitors are met by the blog page which states the mission of an optimistic group:

We are a community of tap water drinkers with a dream......to build the longest pipeline in the world, long enough to bring drinking water to everyone without it.

Checking out the short video introduction (below) is enough to convince us that this is not a mad engineering project, but a whole new concept on helping consumers to find their "inner idealist." JoinThePipe covers all the bases: how to improve access to water in the developed world as well as how to support projects to bring clean water to those in need in less developed locations.

Their stroke of genius takes the "look at me with my re-usable water bottle" phenomenon to a whole new level. Bottles cleverly designed to link together promote peer pressure to get everyone carrying their own "piece of the pipeline," while the blog and website promise an equally exciting forum for tap water drinkers to unite in voice and spirit.

But JoinThePipe is not just jumping on the reusable bottle bandwagon. Their organization funds projects to really bring clean water to communities in need...where the symbolic longest pipe represents the outreach that makes the project possible. The coordinates of the project supported by restaurants and businesses appears on the bottoms of the bottles or carafes they offer customers, so that interested people can track the progress.

JoinThePipe also works to make tap water accessible in their own community, wherever bottled water is typically found today, as well as in public locations where thirst drives us to the inanity of bottled water. Thus, the waste that is bottled water is fought at the same time as the tragedy of unnecessary deaths related to water access.

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