I Get High With a Little Help from C-Ice

C-Ice: it contains a hit of cannabis syrup; it's legal and it's healthy. Will you get a buzz from it? Probably not, because the THC has been removed (spoilsports). The new drink is a form of iced tea and reportedly tastes like cannabis (what?) without the high. The key ingredient is cannabis sativa syrup— a source of hemp. It is being pushed as a healthy drink that can "boost the immune system as a result of the vitamins, minerals, omega oils and amino acids found in cannabis". It has received the endorsement of the cholesterol charity Heart UK and some multiple sclerosis patients have been drinking it to relieve symptoms. It's part of a new wave of beverages known as "functional drinks" in the trade. As carbonated soft drinks become less saleable, new variations are popping up. "Red Bull" is the most well-known but others are enriched drinks, such as fruit juices and nectars, with added multivitamins, calcium and minerals. Some call them "canned carbohydrates", others say "Let's have another round!". :: Financial Times