Hydroponics Online: DIY Hydro-garden

So you want to start a garden. Maybe it's because you can only find non-local organic food at your supermarket. Or maybe it's because you have some cool heirloom potato or tomato seeds your grandparents gave you. Or maybe you just want to grow something yourself. The only problem is you live in a downtown apartment so your access to a yard is...limited. Well faithful treehugger, there's hope for you yet...If you're living in a windowless cell, or somewhere that only gets minimal light, you're still out of luck -- plants need sun, so you're probably better off sticking to the ol' lucky bamboo, or a ficus. But, if you have a little balcony, or access to a rooftop, like so many smaller places do, this system from Hydroponics Online might be just what you are looking for. And the best part is, you can build it yourself in about a weekend, for around a hundred bucks.

The 11 plant hydro-garden is awfully simple: A tub to hold your nutrient solution, a bunch of pipes with pots to hold the plants, and a pump to get the nutrients where they need to go. Easily available PVC pipe, soda bottles, and a pond pump make this project only a hardware store away.

As you can see from the photos, 11 plants isn't the limit for the number you can set up with this system. In fact, if you're looking to start a greenhouse, and you've got a little more land, this is a great way to make it more portable. Hydroponics online even has gardens for sale, if you can't scrape together the 11 soda bottles (or the time) to finish it yourself.
:: Hydroponics Online 11 plant garden [by DM]

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