Human Cheese, Sweet and Tangy

So this is what it has come to, the only place left to turn in a world awash in chemicals masquerading as food: "Human dairy, the taste of mother's love." Human Cheese is made fresh from human breast milk, which you can verify yourself because the video shows you the source. Equally important, in the new social enterprise, Human Cheese is manufactured by "excited employees that live fulfilling lives."

This send-up of the new greenwashing trend in advertising will give you a good belly-laugh, if you don't pause to consider the tragic fact that even human milk is not free from chemical contamination. Watch out Wisconsin, human cheese is gaining market share, enjoyed by husbands and children for it's "sweet and tangy" taste. This brings a whole new angle to the 100 mile diet! For those who are grossed out, and that seems to be the intention of the video's creator, there is also "I can't believe it's not human".

We wonder if you can make ethanol from Human Cheese? Or try it in the TreeHugger recipe of the week, cheese & pepper bread?

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