Huffington Post Mashes Local Food with Community Participation


As Bonnie wrote last year, "Seasonal restaurants are all the rage, and they should be at this time of the year. With fresh from the field vegetables and fruits available on an hourly basis, chefs are featuring recipes on their menus that take advantage of these ingredients."

Also all the rage are social media and community participation. So over at Huffington Post they are trying out what they call their "first citizen journalism mapping project." Forget the Red State/ Blue State stuff for a change; we are talking Green State.


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Tip O'Neill once said that "All politics is local" and we would say the same about food. It seems like a good idea to let people on the ground build a national database of great local food sources.


I found it a bit confusing to find both the voting of the best city for local food with the sending in your information for the database of local food, and the data entry form is a bit light.


I would have thought that for the database to be really useful there should be a space for a website link and a breakdown of type of restaurant. I also tried it out over an hour ago and my entry still has not gone up, which is either too slow for Internet time or they don't allow entries from outside the USA, either of which would make me cranky.

But it is wonderful that a site with the audience the size of Huffington Post gives such a boost to local food.

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